The Reluctant Hero: from Odysseus to Solomon Fairchild

A classic figure in literature since Homer, the “reluctant hero”—including Solomon  Fairchild in my new novel, Falcons and Seagulls, a Utah Tale, as well as his mentor Howard Hughes—is someone faced with a crisis, urgent challenge, or irresistible demand for action. This “call to action” takes our hero from his “ordinary world” of ease and comfort to a “special world” of strife, overwhelming obstacles and danger, as Solomon encounters when leaving his serene New England retirement to face his youthful mis-deeds in his native Utah and resolve  immense obstacles and expose long-hidden family secrets. Along the way, he re-discovers a long-lost love, is opposed by powerful entities, including  the FBI and the Mormon Church, and even is incarcerated involuntarily in a mental hospital to keep him quiet. In his triumph, he is returned to his “ordinary world” after facing a final catastrophe and receives a reward you will discover reading the book.

—David Taylor Johannesen, author

"Falcons and Seagulls" by David Taylor Johannesen

“Falcons and Seagulls” by David Taylor Johannesen

The Original Reluctant Hero

The Original Reluctant Hero

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