Two long-ago lovers, together again, discover a final gesture to their volatile affair during an earthquake in the Great Salt Lake which sends a tsunami coursing over the city. Sensing the first shocks  hurling them into each others arms in a wide embrace of eternity, they stumble and race towards a certitude neither has fully expected, or wished. Tragedy has re-united them across a forty-year span, from seventeen to fifty-seven, and in a few months their journey has shown them passion and heartache; betrayal and calamities, and the clash of powerful adversaries. Is the earthquake a Divine reckoning or merely the long-awaited, fugitive upheaval of the Wasatch Front?

A satisfying ending is promised to readers of “Falcons and Seagulls, a Utah Tale”—all characters find their good deeds and mis-deeds answered with proper accounting for abusive power and compassionate atonement—a book which one reviewer has called “…a winding, intelligent thriller.” Join me in its pages. —David Taylor Johannesen

"Falcons and Seagulls" by David Taylor Johannesen

“Falcons and Seagulls” by David Taylor Johannesen

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