Boston Casualty

The twelve stories I am now revising for with my editor for publication under the above title are:
Back Bay Boys (Boston, 2014)Blaine & Blaine (Los Altos, CA, 2014)
“Boston Casualty” (Boston, (2014)
“Four Twins & a Wedding Dress” (Palm Beach, 2005)
“Immaculate Heart” (Monteceito, CA, 2010)
“Myopia Polo” (South dartmouth, MA, 2014)
“Orient Point” (Aboard New London-Orient Point NY Ferry 2009)
“Pharisees at Stanford” (Los Altos, CA, 2014)
“Rub-al Thali” (Palm Beach, 2006)
“Silicon Nation” (Los Altos, CA, 2014)
“Taos Tuning” (Taos, NM, 2012)
“The Trustee” (South Dartmouth, MA, 2014)

Lok for these in early 2016—before I am 70!—and before then enjoy my earlier collection of stories, “Last One Close the Gate” which is reviewed in of these blog posts

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