Pious Anxiety: Flannery O’Connor’s Prayer Journal
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David Taylor Johannesen | Monday, Aug. 24th | View on FSG Work in Progress
FAITH & ART          As a Mormon writer and fifth generation in a stringently devout faith, and great-great grandson of its third President John Taylor, the wonderful piece on Flannery O’Connor’s early “pious anxiety” as it arose between her Catholicism and emerging art gave me pause to think of publishing my controversial novel this year, “Falcons and Seagulls, a Utah Tale” The characters and the scandals and conspiracies they meet in this ‘political and romantic thriller’ —sheltered in a safe embrasure of fiction—may well lead my fellow Latter Day Saints to raise the specter of apostasy. I think also of another young woman author, Willa Cather, in her early twenties searching for exactly how one creates the creator (“The Kingdom of Art”, University of Nebraska, 1966). I am reassured that I can safely dwell in both kingdoms, or houses, but more as a mere chatelaine.

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