LIKELY PRIMARY EXCHANGE [As they ponder definition of Puritanism: The sneaking suspicion that somewhere, someone is happy] and stray into each other’s delegation:

Trump to Sarah Palin: “We’ve got to get our palindromes straight, babe, for you to be VP”
Clinton to one-term Senator Rubio: “I have experience for the 3am call.” Rubio to Clinton: “You love Obama, also a one-term senator.”Clinton to Rubio: “Marco, you’re No Obama” Rubio to Clinton: “You’re No Bill Clinton.”


The Original Reluctant Hero

The Original Reluctant Hero: Odysseus

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.49.47 PM

Howard Hughes’ Limousine, 1959

What did HRH say to me, at thirteen, in this Cadillac about the private Boston school we both attended across a 40-year span?  About Mormons whom he adored? Nixon? Hoover?














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