New! Falcons and Seagulls

"Falcons and Seagulls" by David Taylor Johannesen

“Falcons and Seagulls” by David Taylor Johannesen

Solomon Fairchild lives a quiet life as a Quaker in Massachusetts until he learns of his uncle’s imminent death. Rory MacLeod was once an ally and employer of Solomon’s, so he travels to say goodbye to this family member and old friend. Little does Solomon know Rory has a secret that will change his peaceful life forever.

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Rory feels a need, in his dying days, to address the sins of his past. He was apparently once very close with genius Howard Hughes, but their dealings were not always above the board. Hughes was intrinsically involved with the Israeli government, the Mormon Church, and other massively powerful entities.

As Rory lies dying, Solomon’s cousin Phil is found shot in the Utah wilderness. Solomon is adrift in confusion as he tries to piece together Rory’s past and his cousin’s murder. He has taken on more than he ever realized when high-powered shadow agencies make a play for his life. Will Solomon be able to put together the shattered pieces of his family’s past before his own future lies beneath the rubble?

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