Tales of Love and Valor: Two Novellas

“A Wife From Scotland” —Fiona Stoute Liddell lives a quiet life as a veterinarian in rural Utah, far away from her scheming Scottish family until she meets Solomon Fairchild, an American rancher from Boston and rescues him from a life of self-exile. Their fateful love takes them to Scotland where they marry in Aberdeen near Fiona’s clan led by legendary Horse Whisperers—all members of the secretive Free Mason Society. Can their carefree love survive these ancient rituals and superstitions?

“Tooele to Manila”—Affable Pete “Skip” Granger and his fervent wife Madeleine meet and marry in the Philippines at the end of World War Two where he, a colonel under General Douglas MacArthur, and a New England Quaker, develops a highly profitable ship salvage business in Manila Bay; she, a courageous wartime nurse and devout Mormon from Tooele, a small ranching town in Utah. The story follows their courageous but often contentious life together as Madeleine struggles to maintain her faith and identity as they become increasingly entangled with Solomon Fairchild’s Boston Brahmin family.

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Eternal Scotland

I have written a new novel, “A Wife From Scotland” now in my UK editors’s hands. A marriage between Fiona, a veterinarian from Inverness, and Solomon, an older Utah rancher is filled with serendipity and conflict, eventually resolving quietly in Boston. I was inspired by reading “Outlander” , memory of the battle of Culloden (1749) English tyranny.

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A Sister’s Sailing Sestina

She took me to the Fine Arts Museum—:
I asked of a painting, “What’s it about?”
“It’s about itself, keep looking, dear boy:
It may have been the artist was in doubt.”
We left Boston upon a morning whim,
To look for cormorants along the shore.

They stood upon the rocks beyond the shore,
Birds ancient before time began for us—
Before our lives flew our of boundaries
And lamentations far beyond our reach—:
My sister, my twin, across Buzzards Bay
I taught to sail the day she held the helm.

“I cannot hold the sheets and lines and helm:
You’re of no avail on a starboard reach
Unless you winch the jib, drop spinnaker!”
Soon we fall into a slower method,
As harbor awaits in scintillate gleam:
No hesitation, we are together.

At the dock we raft the boat together,
Throwing lines around the balding cleats.
Tide is at our backs, yet we lean to it,
Crave its persuasion to set out again
As if the last swells were a calm bidding
To abide: to forbear: yet remember.

“What is left for we two to remember?”
She asked, spreading our sails in the loft—
“Our parents lost at sea when we were ten?”
“No longer that, my love, no longer that—”
We left that on the wainscoting of love
Which reached beyond the stairs, beyond our cares.

In the morning we kept a glance at cares,
Through our grandmother’s dim, mullioned windows
Towards mustard skies, and ate apple scones
Baked for us by unknown hands days before,
Or in the night, when wrens and finches flew
To nest above our porch—to sing at dawn.

From God’s helm we found the shore together,
Gave our cares to those who may remember.

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E Pluribus Unum


E Pluribus Unum, from the Latin, “out of one many” was adopted in 1776 to signify a union of states and federal government. Benjamin Franklin also warned: “We have a republic—if we can keep it.” After 225 years the states may eliminate the electoral college without a Constitutional Amendment and prevent the election of a crypto fascist like Trump, who may serve only one term if incompetence is invoked under the 25th Amendment or a new congress takes over from radical Republicans posturing as conservatives and holds impeachment hearings. I knew this charlatan in college and later in bankruptcy court and his wanton ignorance and malice knows no limits. Mussolini?

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Sailing Buzzards Bay

cat-boat-photo-2-2At 70, going on 50, sailing with Senator Warren over Buzzards Bay toward the shallow hills of Falmouth, Massachusetts, I seek a reprieve from phantom candidates posturing in a specious election pitched at halfwits—charlatans, mountebanks—: Hubris & Tyranny!

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Book Club

At a recent book club luncheon in Sunnyvale my readers asked very perceptive questions and made strong suggestions for a movie version of the book: what character to clarify; what scenes to leave out and where the core of the story lies. In this video I answer the question “who are your favorite authors of past 100 years.”

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Brexit – It Works for Me Two Ways: In or Out

What do you do with your stock market gains after Brexit? Support the EU and buy Italian! Or, hope that Britain and Norway form their own EU, enjoy North Sea Oil and elastic prosperity as one of my long-ago Oxford professors might have saidBrexit

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